Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The moon

looks gorgeous right now! With this clear sky we have at the moment she seems to be so near. This morning when she was already quite low above the horizon she looked so soft because of the touch of orange. But when I saw her I knew why I had sleped so bad this night. And we have the shutters down, so it is definitely not the light that keeps my sleep so lightly. She will be full very soon, maybe even on my birthday, I haven’t looked yet.
It’s amazing how our move to the new house and new surroundings has changed my perception. (well not sure if it was the move or if I just have changed... anyhow...) On every single walk with the dogs I am out of the area where there are buildings. I can see them all the time, sure, even the big factory, but it is definitely so different to the area we lived before where I usually did the shorter dogwalks on mornings and nights inside the city limits.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Weekend knitting

All I managed to do knitting-wise over the weekend was to finish one of the socks I am repairing. One of the very first pairs I made for Sweetheart. The ribbing had holes at the very top, so I took up the stitches of the leg right under the ribbing, cut of the old ribbing and did a new 2x2 ribbing with sewn bind off. Now tackle the second of this pair and they will be as good as new!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The old lady

Josy, rescued crossbreed. We got her in March 1999 when she was estimated 3 to 4 years old. So she is 12 or 13 now. Is still fit, too, plays, likes to work and run. Did great in agility!
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The old boy

Dingo, the rescue Australian Cattle Dog, also knwon as Blue Heeler. Got him when he was seven months, will be 12 years in may. Still fit and wants to work...
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The cutie

Had that one already on the old blog but can't help but post it again... Flavie.
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This is me with our first dog Sissia. She was also a rescue, was 8 years old when we got her. Could give her another 3 good years then we had to let her go due to cancer. She was a cutie and we will never forget her!
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New project

Instead of continuing on my Clapotis scarf (which is about 50 cm long) during my breaks at work I will cast on for a necklace and then for a magic scarf. They are planned as birthday presents but it depends on how they come out. I was given the yarn, a "ladder ribbon yarn" with the comment: take this if you want to, I wanted to knit myself a scarf from it but have stopped. I asked why she had stopped - because she didn't like to knit with the yarn. NOT because she didn't like the result... Now I know what to do!
Still no sight of the battery charger (ok, I haven't looked for it), but we have an idea where the card reader could be!

3 x 10

Just back from a walk and run with the dogs. managed 3 times 10 minutes. Felt quite good to be warm as I was cold all day. No sun today so it stayed really cold, around 2°C. My legs felt "heavy" but I didn't let that stop me.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Getting on with walk-in closet instead of knitting

Ready to fill it with the clothes! Will have to buy a lamp on my way home from work today an put it up to the ceiling first.
Re knitting - a few rows on Clapotis during my lunch break is all I get done.

Whats wrong...

When you slowly walk for a bit over an hour on a bright sunny late winter day and are totally exhausted??? That`s what happend on sunday. Yesterday I did a short but fast walk and felt much better.Checked a 2.5 k track this morning so I will know where to run next Thursday. Still determined! It is along the (very) quiet "main" road in our quarter, with a loop in the middle, then the same way back. I am excited to think about running that distance!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Weekend knitting???

Had things to do that were more important! Like get my hair cut. Like buy the wardrobes for our walk-in-closet. Like get them inside the house, heaviest package was heavier than me with its 52 kgs. Like get the pieces upstairs. Like setting the wardrobes up in the bedroom. I love to put together furniture bought at that Swedish store!
We also left some work for today and tomorrow: arranging the old mirror doors at the wall between the wardrobes, attach the wardrobes to each other and to the wall, put the "insides" inside and then finally empty the boxes and fill the closet...

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Still running?

YEEEEEEEEES! ... so where am I?Third week of training. Or 2 weeks and two days before the big day. Doing fine. Haven't been training lately as much or as long as I had thought I would because I still didn't feel too well, don't know if that's connected with the little cold I had... But am still running now and then. Yesterday 4 times 6 minutes with just as many time inbetween as I needed to set the timer on my cell phone for another 6 minutes. Had all dogs with me, it rained and we had a very strong wind blowing. Wasn't too much fun but I DID it.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday morning again

and am feeling really bad. Mentally and physically. But hey I don't whine just keep going as if everything were ok. Perhaps that's wrong...
Did further unpacking, didn't start anything new but made some decisions.
Pulled out two nearly FOs ffrom the UFO box. One is the vest for Sweetheart. Made the shoulders longer, now it fits. He loves it! Weaved in some ends, have still to graft close the shoulder seems. Then we'll have to do a trip to town to buy some nice buttons.
Other one is Cromarty, continued to close the seams in matress stitch and I realised how much I love these seams. Don't even mind to do them. On former sweaters I hated to do the finishing and I think this is mostly due to the fact that I didn't like the result of how I did the seams. I mostly crocheted. Got a thick unstretchy seam. These now on Cromarty are even pretty to me!
Yesterday we went for an 2 1/2 hour walk with the dogs. I really liked to walk in the bright sun and discover the surroundings. Unfortunately all my charger-finding attempts were unlucky, so no pics which I really regretted.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Craft room progress

Found a desk in the nearest furniture store. Metal and glass. Nice looking. Good price. Wanted to buy it immediately. Not delivered to the magazine yet. Should be there already. Argh. Got the article number and their phone number - will check daily...

Went home and fixed the shelves to each other and the middle one to the wall. Ready to be fully loaded now. But only unpacked one small box of books. The knitting books. Had a short look at Aberlady in the Celtic Collection. Which I had planned to knit after Cromarty. And still plan! In my WIP (or better UFO?) box I found the three balls of yarn I bought to knit swatches with. Two in greyish greens that I really like but they will probabely be to bulky. Wouldn't mind a little math on the pattern to get them fitting, but I think it would totally change the look and the style of the sweater. The third one is a skein of Regia silk sock yarn. That is SO soft. I think that will do the trick. I know I just wrote the other day that I wouldn't buy any new yarn before using what I have - that is still right but what's wrong with swatching and making decicions???

Cold. Wet. Wind.

It not only is cold around 2°C and rainy (I don't mind real cold in the winter, even colder than that - if it only is dry) but this bad wind pushes the cold and even the rain far down your clothes. Not funny. Not only for me, no, the dogs don't want to be long outside either. Sounds like I could think about some indoor activity for tonight.