Friday, 18 July 2008

Triskell curtain

This is the curtain I crocheted with Britanny in my mind. It is made in the style they do it there traditionally with bands of motifs and crochet chains inbetween. I made a band with triskells and one with the "hermine", two symbols common in Britanny. I like how it came out!


Best thing to do on a cool and rainy day in July? There's only one answer:

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Progress on the socks

This is how far I got on the socks for my Sweetheart. Seems like I am having a green period...


This is what happened on Monday and Tuesday this week. The winter wheat is gone... It is seeded in fall and when we moved in in December it was little plants already soaking in all winter's rain water (and that of that one inch of snow we had for a few hours...) and growing on warm sunny days.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Progress on Laminaria

On Laminaria I am on pattern repeat three of the blossom chart. Lovin every stitch of it! This yarn is gorgeous!

Progress on Aberlady

I am on the first pattern repeat and having a lot of fun knitting this sweater! Slow progress but back and front done at once- in the round, 320 stitches... 2 mm needles.