Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring is here officialy

... and it is raining. But as the soil is so dried out (great for weeding) I am not unlucky about that. Managed also a dog walk before it started. The garden looks very promising with all the green peeking out and the buds swelling.
Here the right side of the garden with lambs lettuce (sowed too late last fall but suvived the winter and will hopefully go into the kitchen soon), crocus, narcissus and hyacinths in front of the cold frame. The yellow crocus were weeks earlier as the violet ones.
Then the white bleeding heart and the hellebore.
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Time for some pictures

I have finally found the time to sit down and get the pictures from my little camera to the pc and up here!
First the knitting:
The beginning of the first sleeve of Aberlady. Have changed to dpn, even thinner (1.75 mm) so it goes smoother to knit.

A pair of tiny socks for my friend S's baby boy.

My first Zigzag sock, the second is just past the heel, they will be ready for spring, as they are short and a cottonblend.
The dishcloths:

Then lets go over to see the pets. The gerbil cage, two different shots, a week inbetween to document their digging activity. In the meantime they have a second tank connected with this one. Sorry no picture of the ladys themselves yet...
The birds without the latest addition (Heli the cockateel):
And finally the doggies of course
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Monday, 15 March 2010

Starting the gardening year

Sowed my tomatoes today and resowed some peppers sweet and hot. Will plant out radish and salad into the little glasshouse over the weekend as soon as we get some compost now that the temperatures are predicted to go up to and over 15°C.
I did a tour around the garden when I went to the shed to get the soil for sowing and there is so much promising green peeping out of the soil and swelling buds. Am so much looking forward to my second gardening season.

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Monday, 8 March 2010

This and that

It seems I fell off the Olympic wagon. But I didn't . Was just too busy/tired/hit with computer probs to post.
I did finish a few small things and I got on with my Aberlady sweater. And what is best: I finally found a solution so that knitting the sleeves is more fun, not so stressing to my hands/wrists, faster. I changed from the 2 mm circular that was ok for the body but I had to knit very tight to 1.75 dpn. So I can knit more relaxed which feels so much better. I love knitting that sweater again!

On the weather front: after one really warm and springlike weekend and a bad strom we had snow again last saturday, a cold north east wind and temperatures down to -5° C this morning.

And on the birdy-front: the cockateel has a mate of his own species. Couldn't leave him alone among 12 budgies... Now it's enough! No more additions.

Cuddy and Cameron the gerbils are so cute and smart little creatures, they got a new tank with dirt/wood chips to dig holes/search for their food in. I keep asking myself why I haven't gotten around to get gerbils again a whole lot sooner...

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