Thursday, 29 May 2008

Malabrigo yarn and Laminaria shawl

I ordered yarn online for the first time. Always hesitated because I thought I had to feel the yarn first. But then I couldn’t get any lace yarn locally, so I searched online and finally ordered malabrigo lace yarn. For the Laminaria shawl in a green called lettuce and then I couldn’t help but also get some i a colour called cognac.

This yarn is so incredably soft, I could touch it all the time… Even Sweetheart often touches my WIP just to say “ this is SO soft”.
and here it is: the beginning of the Laminaria shawl. Love to knit it so far.

click on this one to enlarge it and see it in all it's beauty - you can tell I am in love with this yarn and project...

Aberlady sweater

Finally I decided to use Regia silk sock yarn for this one. Soft, shiny, thin enough, not too expensive and I even found a colour I really like, a warm dark green.
320 stitches to cast on was not fun, but now I am on round three and the fun starts!
Pattern is from the book "The Celtic collection" from Alice Staremore.

Back again

With new works in progress… more later.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my Cromarty sweater. I really love it, loved to knit it though it took me so long but am very glad that I finally got to the end. I haven’t gotten around to take pictures of me wearing it and posting further details about it.

Monday, 5 May 2008

WIP, FO and decisions

Cromarty is done and blocked. I LOVE it! Pictures with me wearing it to follow!

And this is the curtain in progress, both bands are done, I am just crocheting the loops to hang it up.
And then there is the decision made what yarn I will use for the Aberlady sweater from The Celtic Collection: after swatching with about 4 more yarns I am voting for Regia Silk in a warm green:
I think I haven't upoaded teh picture and deleted it already from the memory card, argh!