Thursday, 13 October 2016

Quite a while…

What a long time ago that last post was written!
There had been some intention to start again a few times but for different reasons it didn’t happen for real.

Some things have happened since then in my life at the edge of the field, one of which was the remake of one of our rooms where I now have a nice little workspace that is actually useable.

I get into a routine of sitting down here regularly for the purpose of -amongst others- creating new content for the blog and getting back into reading my favourite blogs. I really regret not having all written little stories during those last months and my “Garden year” pictures to browse through in here.
Well... from now on we will see my knitting and crochet again here, new yarn, my stash, my garden and surroundings, my running adventure, the dogs of course (there is a new addition to the pack), but also new topics like when I spent some time away from home and other trips, as well as new crafts.
I do hope I will see some of my old readers here again but also want to welcome new ones eventually. 
Ready for the journey? I definitely am!

Bisou, Myrtille, Estefi, Peio, Flavie (fltr)

Thanks for dropping by, Tina