Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New pics of the gang

It is so nice to take them for a walk when the sun shines, but you can't imagine how they look when the ground is wet and sticky. A damp microfiber towel is my best friend right now! The girls are somewhat careful where they walk but sometimes all the lane is just one muddy puddle and there is no help getting at least dirty feet and som splashes of brown in the white coats ;-). Peio on the other hand doesn't care where he walks, an jumping into puddles is the biggest fun, or just walking through, or stepping in the deep mud while there is grass at the side...
But these pics are from a sunny day when the ground had dried off a bit:
Flavie and Peio

I can't understand people thinking they all look the same...
Thanks for coming over.


  1. I know what you mean :-)
    A lot of people said my dogs were "identical" , but we Mammas can tell them apart even in the dark, or just by the sound of their walk.
    I enjoyed seeing your little gang :-)

  2. So, so cute, I love them!

  3. Right! ,oD I count to four! ,oD

    LG Hanne.

  4. They all look in beautiful condition. Our boys are the same in this weather; their underneaths are all spotted with mud when we get home. Keeping the house clean is impossible.

  5. /thanks so much for the action pix! I love to see your group. I hear you about people thinking they're all alike - I used to have a flock of parakeets, and people would marvel at my knowing them apart. But to me they were clear and distinct personalities as well as having different colorations. Just as your dogs are unmistakably different to you.

  6. Bisou looks like our dog Blake! He is a rescue dog from a puppy mill in Tennessee. Such a cutie. I am not generally a dog person, & I think I love him as much as everyone else in the family.

    Thanks for visiting my embroidery blog. I'm still sluggishly making my way through the long list of blogs!


  7. I do miss having a dog as a walking companion....but it does have its drawbacks so I am happy to see pictures of other people walking dogs for now.

  8. Your dogs are wonderful!! I am so happy to meet you through your blog and through the GYB party. I grew up in the beautiful Pfalz before we moved to Münster, but now live in the US and have for almost 30 years. I'll be back often to visit... xoxo Silke

  9. Oh my gosh! They're all so adorable :D My dog Cody tries to be a clean dog, but let's face it when snow melts to mush, you can't avoid the mess. So when we come inside, I give him a little warning sound (eh!) and he runs straight into the laundry room to hop into the laundry tub for hosing down. Then he runs upstairs and races back and forth up and down the length of the house because he's clean again ... bonkers! Wendy x

  10. Such a lovely blog you have here!! And your sweet little friends are adorable! I look forward to journeying along with you!!! Nicole

  11. Hermosos perritos. Yo perdí a la mía hace 2 semanas, una Yorkshire de 5 meses. Todavía la lloro.
    Saludos desde Chile

  12. Shoot, I've been working way to many long hours and I'm finally just getting a chance to pop by and say hi! Myrttle is hilarious - I'm betting she is full of character! =) I do love 4-legged beasts, and so glad you have given so many a good home.

  13. Nice blog. Love your gang. I am following you on GFC. May we follow each other ?


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