Sunday, 16 October 2011

More October garden pictures

It is mid october and everything is still so green! Lots of colour, too. The fall perenniels are in full bloom, the roses are doing great, the white buddleja has a second high, the blackeyed susan has hidden the insect hotel post nicely, and the clematis fruit are just amazing.

This past week we had some nice weather with cold nights under a clear sky (down to 4°C in the morning) and nice sunny days, warm in the sun but already cool in the shade. Had my lunch today on the back patio, sitting there in jeans and just a t-shirt. Two more days like this are forecast!
Thanks for coming over!
Edit: the clematis is Clematis tangutica, or mongolian clematis. You can see them in flower here, it's a last year's post.


  1. Oh, I just fall in love with your bees or wasps house.
    What tipe of clematis is this one?It had lots of flower!!

  2. Tina, I love your autumn garden... It is truly amazing! Hugs

  3. I love the insect hotel! What a cool idea.

  4. What a delightful garden. It's just started getting cold here in England, and the leaves are all busy changing colour.

  5. Thank you for the garden tour! I have been hoping for a new post from you with your fall views. What a good gardener you are == it all looks so healthy.

    I love the clematis! and envy you the butterfly bush since mine died after the landscapers sprayed it with who knows what. Acccchch. but you make me want to try another one.

  6. Your garden is beautiful! I'm so jealous of all the green, things are starting to die off here.

  7. Thanks for all your nice comments! It is nice to know that you like what I love :-)

    Virginia, I finally got around to looking up the clematis, it is a Clematis tangutica or mongolian clematis and I will find a picture of all the little yellow bells she has.

    Loretta, thanks for the compliment!

    Daisy, the insect hotel is a great hit, of course for the insects, lots of solitary bees have used it for their babies but now the tits try to get the eggs/larvae out which I just cat tolerate, must build some construction for in front of the hotel - the birds have different yummy things to eat!

    A Trifle Rushed, guess what - after a few cold nights it is warmer again, up to 20 °C in the afternoon... The fall leaves look great in the sun!

    Boud, thank you! I try to do my best, read a lot about gardening, try use no to little pesticides/herbicides, instead I've been known to bring home ladybugs from the walks in the field, and just let things grow. Oh and for the lawn we have the most natural fertilzer, the doggies, but nufortunaltely only in spots :-(
    Go ahead and get another butterfly bush, not only do they attract a lot of bees and butterflies, but they grow fast, look great and the smell is just fantastic!

    Hiking Hounds, thanks. Those plants that are not confused by the warm temperatures are coming down, too, but we will keep most of the died off substance until next spring as it is home to many little creatures.


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