Tuesday, 27 December 2011

This is

A Test. Sleeping puppy is good puppy ;-)


  1. Aww!
    I must admit that's how I feel ths afternoon!
    Hope you enjoyed the festivities x

  2. Tina. kath alerted me to your message.. send me an email to somersetseasons@hotmail.co.uk and I can send you an invite for access to my blog again! Sorry you slipped through the loop! Hope you had a happy christmas, talk soon!

    Leanne x

  3. Thanks Kath for your comment, I admit it is a cute picture, but worstest quality :-) I took it as a test with my new (to me but in reality not so new and third-hand) toy, then posted it here with my new toy just to see if I can do so :-)
    am very happy that you are still out there waiting for news form my neck of the woods :-))))
    Might get better now and show more presence in blogland!!!
    Oh and thanks for your message to Leanne!

    Thanks Leanne for letting me back in :-) I think it was my fault and the result of being so rarely around!

    xoxo Tina

  4. Very happy to see you back again! I was starting to wonder if you were okay, since your blog came up over and over on my feed with no new stuff. The puppy is good! and the test worked.

  5. so sweet! flynt always looks cute when he is curled up asleep!


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