Saturday, 4 January 2014


Isn't this branch promising? In the middle of winter there is already the new life in these buds, ready for spring to come. Right now it isn't "wintery" at all, with lots of rain and temperatures around ten degrees Celsius during the days. The fields and paths are very muddy, most days are just dark and grey. Still I try to find the tiny bit of light in each of them!
Take care, Tina


  1. same here Tina, quite mild and very wet. It is lovely to see blue skies and new growth. Happy new Year x

  2. And here. But don't be fooled by the buds; spring is a long way off yet.

  3. we have buds on trees here and it gives me hope that all these rain and gales soon come to an end!!!

  4. I am sure winter will come! hopefully not as late as last year when the vegetation was way behind all year...


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