Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Meet Bisou

As you have seen on my new year's picture we've got some new addition to The Pack:
Bisou is an 11 month old rat terrier aka Ratonera Bodeguero Andaluz – a rescue from Spain. Unfortunately she had fractured her foreleg at the place where she was waiting for her new home and we found out that she needed surgery as the bones hadn’t healed in the correct position and there was no bone-tissue after 6 weeks. We had the opinions of several vets and we saw that it just had to be done.
It went well and she is fine, no pain obviously, now the wound needs time to heal. and I hope the bones will heal properly, too.

She is very lively on her on-leash-only-walks outside and just loves to dig her little nose in the snow or deep down into the grass to smell for the mice down there, while she is quiet in the house and loves to snuggle with us as well as with Dingo or Myrtille (Flavie isn’t as grumpy with her and in general since she is here but still doesn’t want contact-lying with the other dogs).
Perfect playmate for Myrtille!
Myrtille was on heat once and now spaying is over. I hate general anesthesia and surgeries! This is her in her cute little body to protect the wound recovering covered up on the couch.

Dingo loves the snow and is acting a lot younger out there again! This picture though is from late fall.

Flavie loves the snow too, just as much as she hates rain, that fluffy white water seems to be ok. But best place is home!

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Susan, I guess that's one of the reasons we have them for :-)

  2. They're all beautiful! I love the expressions on their faces!

  3. oh lovely! such a sweet little faces~hope the ehaling has been going well :)

  4. Heeling goes well in general, just two spots on the scar that won't close properly yet. Vets still are positive about it though.

  5. Thanks for rescued her!!!.
    Good thing she had surgery with Germans Vets.She has been very lucky.

  6. All our dogs (6 in total) have been rescued! That's so rewarding but making me sad that these lovely creatures weren't wanted any more...
    The bones had to be rebroken (well the tissue that was there, not really bone but it still had to be sawn) and a plate put in there and taken out again later. Next week is follow-up examination and I am so hoping everything looks fine inside!

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