Friday, 5 August 2011


I think Faery might dream of a nice real summer though she seems to be nice between the calla leaves :-)

She sits on a globe with star shaped holes that is illuminated at night. A little solar panel soaks up the sun and passes the energy on to a led to add some magic to the night garden. Sweetheart found her and brought her home for our anniversary in may. Lovely!

Thanks for coming over!



  1. She looks very pretty and she is photogenic :)

  2. And I don't get tired taking pictures of her ;-)

  3. Very nice detail in your garden.

  4. It was kind of our plan to add little secret details in the garden amongst the plants so that you discover interesting things all along :)

  5. She is sooo lovely, peaceful, quiet and happy. Perfect!

  6. Looking at here indeeds makes me peaceful, quiet and happy, a welcome stop to all that rushing around :-)


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