Monday, 22 November 2010

Still alive

Yes, I am still alive and I even am knitting now and then!
Had a cold that took me off running but that's nearly over. Changes at work at the sime time as the change to winter time restricts me to have fun with the doggies only in the dark during the week. I find it really hard to get used to this! But I can also sleep about an hour longer in the morning which makes me feel a lot better (if I don't wake up at the old usual time)!

Aberlady is nearly done, just two more pattern repeats and the cuff on sleeve #1 (sleeve #2 is done!), weaving in threads, getting a button and sewing it on, washing and blocking.

Next sweater on the needles will be Sylt from the current Verena magazine, see here on the left: It was love on the first sight and I am curious how that construction will work! Hopefully this one will be ready to be worn this winter. Right now no more knitting on 1.75 mm needles. For the moment that is, I do want to have Cape Cod one day, that's for sure!!!

Thanks for coming over!