Thursday, 31 January 2008

But I do have something to talk about!

Last night we finished putting up the baseboards in the craft room. Nearly did the night before after we were done with those on the landing (same laminate flooring everywhere upstairs except the bathroom). But there was just one baseboard missing and we also needed two more corner pieces... Bought them yesterday and got everything done. Put the lamp up. Pushed all the boxes and the bird cage to the place where the future indoor aviary (two metres long, two high, one deep) will be and carried the shelves around to see how we'd get the most out of the room. Carried the two armchairs that formerly lived in our living room and that will now be my knitting-spinning-crocheting-birdwatching-podcastlistening- and his reading-and-birdwatching- chairs up from the basement and placed them at the wall across the birds and the shelves. Next to them and next to the window will go a desk or working table for sewing and painting and... and I could need a tiny coffee table or something for inbetween the two chairs.
THEN (after a dog walk and dinner and cleaning up the kitchen) I carefully opened the box with my sock yarn. Put the precious skeins and balls in the CD shelves, carefully thinking about in which order to place them. I love how this came out. Realised that I have to get some balls of solid colours to go with all those yarns I have already made a pair of socks with and that now are just a bit short for another one. Then I opened some more boxes. With more yarn. The big ball of white roving. The small bits of so beatifully coloured rovings. My spindle. The tiny ball of yarn I plyed from the singles that were on the spinning wheel when Sweetheart bought it. Added everything onto the shelf. Looks really great, just need to replace those blue covered plastic bins with some baskets or wood boxes.
Could nearly not stop my self from opening the box with the knitting books but it was late and I definitely couldn't keep my eyes open any more. So I took a shower and went to bed. First thing today on my way to the bathroom was to have a look inside the craft room. But not (only) to check if the birds are ok but to see how pretty my yarn looks! Will open the other boxes with the books today! Also with the binder with the printed patterns and the box with the magazines. And have a short look at them...
Oh and perhaps today I should really really really rip open all boxes to finally find that battery charger!!!!!!!!!!!! Some pics here would be so nice.


or what you can always talk about if you don't have anthing else to talk...
It got colder again. From those spring-like 10 to 13° C down to around 0° C or just above freezing point. Got wet, too. Had rain last night and this morning there is a layer of frozen rain on the cars.

What happened so far

Running week 2 (28.01.08)
Had a cold last week... Felt bad, my heart rate raising already with normal - not even that, with slow walking.But had a good 4 times 5 minutes of very slow running yesterday. All dogs with me on leash.

1/2 (19.01.08)
Just back from a long walk with the dogs. Ran during that walk 3 times 5 minutes with one minute fast walking inbetwwen. Felt good!Yesterday I walked very fast with them for 20 minutes.

1/1 (Week 1/Day 1) (17.01.08)
Ran 3 times 5 minutes with one minute walking inbetween. It was around 6 pm, I felt ok and had all dogs with me.

Start (17.01.08)
Managed to kind of pre-start off with nearly 5 minutes running non stop on the doggie night walk yesterday. This was when I had just decided to do what I wrote before, walking fast through the dark, the dogs on leash around me. Just a little step to fall into a slow running pace saying "jogging" quietly as a hint for the dogs. Dingo knows this command and set off stopping to sniff immediatly, touching my knee slightly with his nose, then running happily ahead on a loose leash. I love these little signs of understanding and contact. Flavie ran on a not exactly always loose leash next to him and Josy slightly behind or beside me. Wearing my raincoat, jeans and Birks this was... will have to get my running shoes from the box in the basement - oh wait, they are no longer in the box, they have a home - and some workout pants from the box in the bedroom - oh wait, I know about at least one pair of pants I can wear for running that is out of any boxes! Need to find a hat in case it rains (hate raindrops on my glasses) in one of some boxes I don't know where they got - oh wait, haven't I seen a box with accessories the othere night? So there is really no excuse not to start properly!

The decision (17.01.08)
My first 5K run will be on Feb. 21.!!! Exactly five weeks from now. Nothing official and I will be the one and only starter. It is just for me. My birthday present from myself. Will hit the 39 on that day.So I have a goal now and an appointment with myself on that day!My plan for training is to run with one of the dogs (in daily turns - they will love it, I am sure!) after their daily "big" walk or after their evening walk. On weekends possibly in the morning.Not sure yet if I will use my "running 30 minutes non stop as goal" training program that I have started several times yet. Started and then found out again and again that I am not someone who has fun running or that it is inconvenient to get to the place where I can run or...NO MORE EXCUSES NOW!!! I now live directly at the edge of the fields where I can run safely! There are several possibilities of round courses to take for different distances. Just will have to check the distances once with my bike. Don't have moved the bikes yet, though.Until then I will just run for a certain time not a distance. So I will stick to my old training program (and by the way, 5 kilometers is what can run in about half an hour) And check for a 5K round with the car within the drivable roads. Positive for that!I feel so full of energy just for having made this decision and having this goal to work for! It's so exciting!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


There is so much out there on the internet that I would love to knit... (after I have finished all my WIPs and UFOs). As well as those many that I already have bookmarked or printed out or that are in my books and magazines. But I have yarn in stash that I WILL USE before I buy anything new. So isn't it a need to look around...
I am still not sure what to do with my precious yarn from the Odenwald sheep as well as the even more precious Ouessant yarn as brought from the island under difficult circumstances (but the island is worth the trip with all the suffering I went through on the boat!). And the alpaca. And the blue mohair.
Am so looking forward to see all my yarns and books and magazines again and sort through and decide what gorgeous things to do.
Not to speak of the sock yarn... will continue knitting from that stash, too. Next socks to knit are for Sweetheart again, Regia 6ply Tweed is wanted. Have some jeans blue, some navy blue and and some light grey he can choose from. And then another Lorna's Laces for me or also 6ply Tweed depending on the weather that we'll have then. Right now it is more spring like and I tend to the LL but it might get cold again and I could need some warmer socks being outside a lot.
But first of all I NEED and WANT and WILL free some of my needles! This is fun, too! (If I come across something that is no more fun I'll rip it!!!)

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

That's me - C'est moi

Das bin ich im Oktober 2004 auf Fehmarn.

Thats ME on the little island Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea in october 2004.