Saturday, 26 September 2009

Baby booties

These are some baby booties I made with Saartjes pattern that can be found here: http://http//


Oh how much I still miss this view on our walks!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

This is the new sock I've cast on for me. A zigzag pattern, very easy to memorize, consisting just out of one pattern row and a knit row. I think I like it. The yarn is a cotton blend from Regia India Color #4307, very "me" colours, wide stripes of tan, green, blue with samller stripes of lime green and mint inbetween, all plied with an offwhite thread.

Gonna like these socks!

A hot september day

Yesterday I had been wanting to go for a real long walk in the early afternoon. I had been working in the garden from after breakfast, then made myself a pan-pizza with fresh picked peppers and tomatoes and herbs of course, eat that on the terrace and then had a cup of espresso and decided to go for a real looong walk as it was quite nice, warm but not hot. I quickly changed and went out the front door. The sun came out and it got really really hot and with the high humidity we had it was nearly too much, even for me.

Did a "normal" round only and came back after an hour, having a cool drink and falling on the tile floor/garden chair (with some knitting of course).
And this is what I will see again tonight - waiting for "Dad" right at the front door... Flavie even allowing Dingo to be so close!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wanna see my sockyarn???

No need to buy anymore at least for the next five years or so. But sometimes I see a skein just so beautiful I can't resist. Or when I try hard to resist it might be my Sweetheart telling me to take it...

Early morning on the lake

Now and then I love to go for a longer walk on a nice weekend morning instead taking the dogs just in the field across the road. So last sunday our walk took us to the little lakes not far from us. Everything was so quiet and beautiful.

It got a little louder when I had turned around this first lake and came close to those large trees because there is a colonie of perokeets. One of them sat on top aof a large Gingko tree:
Walking on the sun broke through the clouds, let pop out these apples in the brightest red and it got really warm.

Mom, can we go home now, we are HUNGRY, aren't you?
Yes I was!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Cowl knit from my first handspun

This is it, just hot from the needles, not blocked which it needs. I used all the yarn, had an inch to weave from the cast on and about half an inch after the cast off. No waste here!
What can I say - objectively it might be ugly -but being my baby I just love it and think it is wonderful! So uneven but real yarn that I was able to knit from. I think you must be a spinner to understand what I am just going through at the moment. I could just carry it around everywhere I go and look at it all the time, just like a little kid with its favourite teddy... :-)))))

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My first handspun

This untidy ball is the first yarn that I have spun and plied on my spindle. I love it. It is VERY thick and thin and over- and underspun but thats what makes it so special, no? Had a rainbow in mind when I decided on the colour sequence but now it seems more like fall leaf colours to me. I am knitting this up in a cowl right now, pictures to follow soon.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Was just over at Ravelry to upload a few pictures.
Think there might also be a pic for here. Socks I knit for a friend. Love those colours!

Then there's a few pics from todays walk:

Monday, 7 September 2009


It really feels like autumn over here. The nice part of it. Cool nights, warm days. Though it was quite cool all friday and raining heavily on and off.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Devan cardigan

And this is the Devan cardigan that I made for my niece. Great pattern I found at Knitty . though I modified it a bit. Garter stitch bottom border and button band, sleeves knit in the round. I liked to knit it and I like how it came out.

Café crème potholder

I still can't believe how much I love how much this yarn looks knit up in this pattern! It is a cheap cotton yarn from the supermarket and I used moss stitch - k1p1, in the back row k the purled, purl the knit stitch. It is called pearl-stitch in German and now I know it couldn't be named better.
In the first sunrays entering through the kitchen window this morning.
I have planned to knit up a buch of different potholders for our kitchen from different yarns and colours but I love this one so much, I might stick to this yarn!
I am even dreaming of knitting a garment for me, same colour, same stitch, perhaps a bit larger needles. We'll see!

Boss socks

Can't believe it is September already. My boss left work for his retirement this week and it feels like it was yesterday when we said "oh thats still far away". As I am known there also for knitting, during breakfeast and lunch breaks - and he is know for lots of outdoor activities I knit him a pair of thick socks, yarn doubled for extra warmth (oh what a quick knit) and incorporated the logo of our company to the outside of the legs (not visible here) so he won't forget us. Hope he likes them!
Sorry for the bad picture- I only took two and this is the lighter one... Colour is a dark jeans blue, with the logo, heel and toe in a lighter blue.