Sunday, 29 November 2009


I am more than 10 cms into the seleves, both at the same time, but not both the same but mirror images. I did the ribbing before the cable pattern starts with smaller needles. There is a little error in the first chart, on row 13, where it sais to purl two stitches that are part of the knit cable after crossing, but it is evident from what you have knit before and obvious that it is a typo.

As aways click on the pictures to enlarge them.
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Thursday, 26 November 2009

New knitting

I started a new project! A sweater for Sweetheart. It is called Durrow, ribbed body and celtic knotwork on the sleeves. Yarn bought, sleeve started (as a swatch). Love to knit it so far! Pics and link to the pattern will follow.
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Monday, 9 November 2009

Mystery socks are finished

No pictures yet but I really love them! They have so nice little details - like the ribbing isn't just ribbing, the pattern goes down the heel, the pattern runs from the side of the leg to the top of the instep, the toe lets the pattern softly end, the ribbing makes them so strtchy.
It was fun to take part in a knitalong again and in the beginning I was so excited to get the new clue on Thursdays - but I soon felt the pressure again to get them done in time.
But now they are off theneedles, ends weaved in and waiting for their picture to be taken...
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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Can't believe

... it is already 4 months - FOUR - that we had to let go Josy. I think of her every single day. She left such a big big hole.

This was taken back in May 2007 during our holidays in Bretagne.

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Mystery at night

Wanna know what this is?

Sure, with flash, the were-dogs:

Dingo ans Flavie wearing their lighted collars. Took me a long time to find something bright enough, not blinking, not sliding under the neck, with good batteries, turning themselves off when not used any more...
With these I dare to let them run unleashed in the evening and they are also great for safety when strolling through the quarter (as on wet nights I avoid to walk in the fields as MY night vision isn't good enough to prevent me from stepping into mud and puddles...) These are really bright, but Josy had a red one which is still bright enough but a lot better to the eyes so that you are not blind for seconds when you have looked directly at the collar.
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This morning

when I got downstairs into the kitchen at 7 this is what I saw through the window:

After getting dressed and having my first cup of tea we went outside

the sun was higher then and I didn't manage to get a good shot of the light as I saw it. But to thi other direction it looked like this and it started rainig about half an hour later.
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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Socktoberfest Mystery Sock Knitalong CLUE #3

The heels.

I fell behind but love to knit these socks!

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Fall walk

The light was great this afternoon:

At the pond:

And I couldn't resist to take this picture - if you click on it you can see the geese flying:

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