Monday, 26 July 2010

Rose-y Monday - Ashram

Here's another one of our roses, called Ashram
not growing very bit but with very beautiful big blossoms that sometimes look so unreal, like made from wax...
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Monday, 5 July 2010

Rose-y Monday - Nostalgie

Let's start this one with the lovely Nostalgie. It attracted us in catalogues because of the stunning colours, white at the base and a warm cherry red at the top of the petals. Were very disappointed last year becaus there was a lot of pink inbetween white and red. Not what we had expected nor wanted and even the scent isn't stunning, very subtle but nice. BUT this year we got what we want, see:

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Garden house

This is our view to the end of the garden with the our little garden house. Neighbours have bigger ones, made from wood, some really beautiful, but I just like our little one the best because with it's dark green colour it hides perfectly behind the plant combo we have put there just for that purpose:

Clematis with little yellow bell-like flowers, fruits so gorgeous.
Together with Clematis Warszaw Nike, great contrast of complemantary colours.
And the yellow rambler rose

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

July 1.

Wow, how come that the year is half over already? Seems like it was last month when we welcomed the new year and like it was last week when we had all that snow.

But good thing is, summer has just started, with heat over here, more than I need, and half the year is still in front of us. The garden is doing fine, I love it!

The dogs are fine, Dingo suffers a bit from the heat , Flavie has learned to get out toys from the little pool even if they are completely in the water, and Myrtille is just doing great , has grown a lot and weighing 7 kgs now, at 7 months, she is such a beautiful dog, so fits perfectly in our little pack - and has put her little face right from the beginning under the water to get the toys out.

Not much news on the knitting front, just trying to get some more progress done now and then. Must finish that Aberlady sweater as soon as possible, am about an inch into the second sleeve. Not good to knit in the heat with a nearly completed sweater in the heat. Am dreaming of some granny square corchet planket made with cotton, that would be perfect.

Got some great yarns and fiber to spin from Shetland and Island . But more about that in a seperate post.

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