Saturday, 17 October 2009


This gorgeous sweater is just waiting for two sleeves to be added!

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Socktoberfest Mystery Sock Knitalong CLUE #2

Both legs are done.

In the meantime heel flap #1 is nearly done and I can only tell that I am going to love these socks, I already do.
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Todays walk

It's a gray, windy, wet october day (a whole lot more season-like that last wednesday when we had 27°C). I went for a two hours walk in the early afternoon and it looked like this:

Not that dark now that I look at the picture... if you click on it to enlarge it you get an impression of the corn field.
I found these guys - only the second time that I saw some turkeys alive -
and this cutie
I love donkeys, most of all the beautiful poitou-donkeys but this one is so cute, too.

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Socktoberfest Mystery Sock Knitalong CLUE #2

I even love it more now! Clue #2 sock #1 is done. And I hadn't looked at any photos before to have the full thrill of the mystery.

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Socktoberfest Mystery Sock Knitalong CLUE #1

(klick on title to get to the home of the Socktoberfest)
After I saw the beginning of Kellies socks here: I knew I had to join teh fun. I haven't taken part in a kal for years now and felt the fun immediately after getting the first clue and reading in the ravelry groups about the knitting of the socks.
I chose yarn that I have in my stash for years, Knit Picks Essential Tweed, which I love to knit with. It is very soft.

The cuff displayed on a glass (this gave me the idea of knitting different little lace rings to pull over my little candle galsses) and on my hand.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Next morning

View to the east and view to the north west - I love how you can see the sun shine onto the clouds.
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Nightfall the same day

View to the west view to the east

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

This morning at the pond

I just checked out the different terms for different water bodies, because soemtimes my thoughts wander to questions like "what does the name mean", "what is the difference between x and y". They are called "Weiher" in German, meaning a water body without deep zones like a lake has. Corresponding to pond in English. There is also the Teich in German which has a exit for the water. Mostly used for garden ponds, village pond.
Here are four of these ponds close together, they were made digging up the gravel and sand. In one of them there are still the machines in but I`ve never seen then working. The second is a fishing pond. The third, closest to us, is for mixed uses: fishing, swimming, and the fourth has a swimming pool nearby with access to a beach of the pond, there is a waterball area (I even swa some guy splay waht I would discribe as kayak-polo), and on the other side there is aprotected area where nature should be on its own.
On our way back home I turned back and saw this, if you click on the pictures to enlarge them you can see in the distance the Odenwald hills, eastern end in the northern partof the plain of the Rhein.

And this rose bush full of hips on the other side. I love to watch how the bushes change with the seasons.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


This is an actual progress picture of my Aberlady sweater. The back is done, I am nearly at the point where I have to split the front for the neck. Yeah! Wanna get it done in time to wear it this winter! I love it so much.