Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Back on the track

I was able to run again!!!

Had accepted that my knee/leg needed a break indeed. Tried ten days ago but wasn't happy with the pain I still had. Did a 15 minute run this afternoon and was nearly feeling any pain - non at the beginning, then at the end a bit. But it didn't stop me like the last time. So I ran very slowly and it felt good! Now let's see what happens next time...
March 5th when I want to do a 5k race is approaching fast and I do need some more longer runs before, that's for sure! But I know I have to listen to my body and if it shouldn't happen it won't happen! There are still going to be other opportunities later in the year. ... But I do so much want to go there! Stop whining now!!!

Thanks for coming over!Tina

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The weekend is brighter!

With the weather having changed everything else seems better, too. Here are a few pictures:

The sweater parts, then the lavender socks on wich I was knitting a bit this week:

I love them but I just don't get the pattern memorized in my head, need to look back to the chart for each needle!

The start of a little zigzag scarf with some leftover sock yarn (a tangled mass because Bisou had stolen it from the coffee table - need to think of that and not let any knitting anywhere!!! to not even tempt here).
And the girls playing right on my feet while I was taking the knitting pictures this morning.

Thanks for coming over again

Friday, 4 February 2011

The end of a grey week

Just as sunny and bright the last weekend was - as grey and dull the week got. Mentally and physically... the weather was awful. Cold, rain, grey skies, not friendly at all and then this:

First I found out that I can't order any more of the yarn I need for the white sweater. I used a "standard yarn" of a big German company, at least that's what I thought. So I had no worries of starting though I had 500 gramms at home and new that I would most likely need more and would have to reorder. Not. Possible - the yarn is discontinued and this colour is sold out yet. They have a forum for knitters with their website where I posted - without success. But on Ravelry I found the yarn stashed once and Alexandra was so kind to send me the 50 gramms + a few yards she still had. Thank you so much again. Vielen lieben Dank! I will see how far that will take me. But that incident had so much stopped my fun in knitting the sweater...

Next there was the visit to the vets with Bisou on Monday night... No worries, everything is fine but there came a turn in a direction I hadn't on my mind yet. Wednesday before I was at the clinic with her and the vet who then saw her told me, now that the bandages had been off for a week, and though the wound wasn't completely closed yet, that she could start physiotherapy with underwatertreadmill to strenghen her muscles without putting too much weight and pressure on the joint.
BUT those two spots that hadn't healed yet were worrying me so much over the next two days as they got worse, that I thought it might not be too good to let her soak in warm water for a quarter of an hour or so... The two spots were usually closed in the morning, Bisou wearing her Procollar 24/7 exept for walking, eating and cuddling up on the couch with me or with Sweetheart, just had to leave it alone, but after the first, short walk in the morning, it was bleeding again, well not blood really but that clear stuff. Went back to the clinic on Saturday without appointment but I was just too worried. Another vet then the time before... and the first question he asked me was if I had started physio under water. I said no and why not and his answer was "GOOD". Bisou got back on antibiotics and antiinflammation meds and he wanted me to see the his collegue who had done the surgery and having her xrayed right now (that was scheduled in about two weeks) because when she stands on the leg it bends a lot, and he just wanted to make sure everything is ok with the joint as the fracture was pretty close to the joint.
Ok, me wondering about the different opinions of different vets in one clinic, was getting back there on monday night. After seeing the xray and her standing the way she does, the vet immediately said that he wanted to take out all the metal again as soon as possible. The two pins fixing the ulna are what makes the wound not heal, there is a reaction against them and that's what is showing on the surface (so it is kind of ok that what is built in there comes out...). And the plate being that close to the joint and all that is going on inside together with the leg so long not in use is what gives so much pressure on the joint.
SOOOO, in four to six weeks another x-ray to control the build up of bone tissue and then another surgery to take pins and plate out... And he said that in such an easy way, just as if he was asking to go for a nice walk with Bisou... I know tha's what it is for him - just routine and I know it is what has to be done as it is the best for healing properly but I am so scared every time one of my dogs or Sweetheart! :-) has to have surgery... And then there is the fear in the back of my head that there won't be built enough strong bone and there'll remain the "non-union", which would be no problem if the plate could stay in but not without. And it is so hard to see this little dog, a package of energy, pure muscles, wanting to RUN.
I just decided to not think about that too much and wait for the next xrays! Easier said and written than done...

And then there is the last grey spot of the week: I was so proud of my last week's/month's running efforts and got so nice comments - but when I went out running on Tuesday my leg started to hurt really bad after a few steps of running. Felt nothing when walking, but as soon as I ran again it was there again, getting worse and worse within a few steps until I I really could't put any weight on that leg. Walking-better-going away, running- being there again. Weird! And a really bad pain! On the outside and above the knee. Googled it of course. Found something about runner's knee that really scared me. Decided to really give myself a rest, and not try again to run all week. I can be hard to myself and ignore a little pain but this might be something that should need rest. This disappointed me so much as I am so determined to do those runs and reach my goals. But I have to give in... and I never had the impression or the feeling that I overdid it, had so much fun last weekend while running with Myrtille...

We'll see! Thank you everybody who got reading to this point! I know it got a bit long but it had to come out...

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February Garden

Until I get to take and upload a better picture here you go. This one was taken through the window as I just thought about it when I had my hair washed and didn't want to go into the windy morning.

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