Monday, 2 February 2009


2008: 5 kms under 30 minutes - managed it just once but it was a fight with myself

2009: 5 k race on march 28.
run 10 kms nonstop
10 k race

2010: halfmarathon

2011: marathon


  1. Wow Tina, those are amazing goals .. good luck! I think writing them down is a good idea - it makes you see them more clearly!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Willow x

  2. Hi Tina, thanks for visiting our blog. I see your dog really is blue, a beautiful one at that. Are heelers common in Germany?
    I love to knit, too, although Scout dislikes it very much and I haven't much time for it now, so I comfort myself with growing roses! I love roses more and more every year.
    Best luck with your goals!
    Happy trails,
    Caramel & Scout

  3. GREAT GOALS! I love to run so I commend you on your running ambitions!!


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