Sunday, 2 August 2009

Goodbye Josy

She will stay in our hearts forever.


  1. youve lost your doggie tina? I am so sorry, i know how painful it is to lose a pet. hope you are ok.

    leanne x

  2. Tina this poem may bring you some comfort....

    old dog

    by vet Peter Jackson
    Published in an ‘Anthology of Poetry By Veterinary Surgeons’

    Yes, they have left him,
    No, there’s naught to do-
    Save let him out of life the gentle way;
    For wear of body tissues past repair
    Is that hard price so many years must pay.

    Yes, I’ve known him since he was a pup,
    Vaccinated him long years ago
    And treated him a score of times since then-
    Somehow its fitting I should let him go.
    He trusts me and holds up a paw unasked:
    “One needle more, old friend-the best and last”
    Thus to put off the weariness of pain-
    Slip soft from sleep to silence, suffering past.

    Do animals have souls, you ask of me?
    No, not as humans do in their degree,
    But loved and loving beasts, the wise agree,
    By body’s death could never cease to be!

  3. I'm so sorry you lost your Josy!


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