Monday, 9 November 2009

Mystery socks are finished

No pictures yet but I really love them! They have so nice little details - like the ribbing isn't just ribbing, the pattern goes down the heel, the pattern runs from the side of the leg to the top of the instep, the toe lets the pattern softly end, the ribbing makes them so strtchy.
It was fun to take part in a knitalong again and in the beginning I was so excited to get the new clue on Thursdays - but I soon felt the pressure again to get them done in time.
But now they are off theneedles, ends weaved in and waiting for their picture to be taken...
Thanks for passing by!

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  1. Ever since I clicked on your "in progress" photo to see the socks up close I now recognize them when I'm seeing them on other blogs. It really is a fabulous pattern - I haven't seen a version that doesn't look just as great as you describe!


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