Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Olympics day one

I watched the opening ceremonies, and I really loved it. The time they originally took place was 3 am on Saturday morning our time - so without me, but sent again at 9 am. I had been washed and dressed up, walked with the dogs for nearly an hour and fed them, fed the birds (budgies and wild) and gerbils, made the bed, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it with my breakfast dishes, made a large pot of tea, and we had been grocery shopping on Friday - so I could sit down with my knitting without any regrets.
Watching the opening ceremonies was very special for me as I thought a lot about my Canadian blog friends and Lolly who will be there to watch. I think it was an amazing show and they just found the right way to respect the Georgian athlete who had died in the sliding track. I was glad that in German TV they showed the accident just once and not over and over and in slow motion.
What I liked best? Hard to tell because it was all so beautiful, but the orcas, the North and the fiddles were amazing. I had the impression that the whole of the nation was represented very well and all the different aspects were united in this one show.
I finished knitting the January mystery washcloth and knit an entire pair of baby socks.

In the evening I watched the ski jumping with the first gold medal going to Switzerland (that was my guess) – the medals are so special and beautiful, and so big and heavy. Must be such a great experience to win one of them.
Knitted on my zigzag socks this time – spring will be there sooner as we think and they will be finished by then!

My other Olympic challenge is to move more than usual – run, walk longer/faster/more often, or do any indoor workout. So with the snow on frozen ground I toook the dogs for three loooooong walks that day and we all enjoyed them.

Thanks for passing by!

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