Monday, 8 March 2010

This and that

It seems I fell off the Olympic wagon. But I didn't . Was just too busy/tired/hit with computer probs to post.
I did finish a few small things and I got on with my Aberlady sweater. And what is best: I finally found a solution so that knitting the sleeves is more fun, not so stressing to my hands/wrists, faster. I changed from the 2 mm circular that was ok for the body but I had to knit very tight to 1.75 dpn. So I can knit more relaxed which feels so much better. I love knitting that sweater again!

On the weather front: after one really warm and springlike weekend and a bad strom we had snow again last saturday, a cold north east wind and temperatures down to -5° C this morning.

And on the birdy-front: the cockateel has a mate of his own species. Couldn't leave him alone among 12 budgies... Now it's enough! No more additions.

Cuddy and Cameron the gerbils are so cute and smart little creatures, they got a new tank with dirt/wood chips to dig holes/search for their food in. I keep asking myself why I haven't gotten around to get gerbils again a whole lot sooner...

Thanks for passing by!


  1. its been beautiful and sunny here for some days~but very chilly.
    its clouded over as i have sat here typing.

    oh i love cockatiels! i have had three in the past~sage, grey man and chicken...odd names~the only one i know how i came about it was that jim morrison had a dog called sage!

  2. so much snow up there in the northern hemisphere! we are going into autumn. thanks so much for visiting Inglewood xo

  3. The dog with blue eyes,his head looks like a cleaver sheepdog,border collie...

  4. Virgina, that's Flavie, she is from Spain, and we have no idea where her blue eyes come from. She also has crooked forelegs, like a dachshound, but don't let her ever hear that :-)


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