Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring garden

First of course a picture of our young beauty:

And then a shot of the garden - it's hard now to detail-photograph or detail-work like planting salad with the gang around and always just a second away from mischief :-)

In the front is the perennials bed and everything is coming back to life, it is so exciting to watch. There are narcissus and tulips inbetween as well as a rose with her lavender. Then further away there are the currant bushes, one black, one white and two different reds, part of them already have tiny flowers on them and bees are visiting. Sounds promising for the harvest.

The nestbox at the garden house has already been inspected by a starlet as well as a bluetit. And the nestbox behind the garden house has been visited by redstarts, I hope they'll decide again to raise their offspring in our garden, just as last year.

Thanks for passing by!


  1. currents! thats what i need to plant!
    i have one blueberry bush and by the looks of the buds i am going to have a good harvest this year!

  2. I cannot believe how adorable your new addition is! Those eyes! she looks like she's wearing eyeliner! That one floppy ear! No wonder you fell in love with her all the way from Germany to Greece!

    As for the weather and the garden, your weather and growth seems to be identical to ours. Its so hard to capture how magically beautiful it is as the new shoots emerge isn't it!

  3. We bought a bird feeder last week and haven't seen a bird in the garden since! Really enjoying your garden pics!


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