Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spring German-French farmers' market

After the warm and sunny end of April, May has started cold, windy and wet. Well, I do see that the water is good for the plants - as long as it is not too cold.

Last Sunday morning I was at a farmers' market in Neustadt, a town with a nice old city center half an hour's drive from here - a very special market as there are farmers from Palatine as well as from Alsace and Lorraine. Have been there a few times, also in fall, during the last years and knew and got what I wanted - herb and tomato plants (vintage varieties), and goat cheese of course. And a lavender soap. And I always take the chance to talk a bit of French. And this time I didn't even forget to take my camera!

When I got home I had a quick lunch and then took the dogs for a walk as the sky was so dark that I knew when it would start raining we would be soaked in minutes. Not funny with the temperatures and the wind we had... But we were lucky enough to get home dry and only then it started pouring :-)

As always you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Thanks for coming over!

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