Sunday, 4 July 2010

Garden house

This is our view to the end of the garden with the our little garden house. Neighbours have bigger ones, made from wood, some really beautiful, but I just like our little one the best because with it's dark green colour it hides perfectly behind the plant combo we have put there just for that purpose:

Clematis with little yellow bell-like flowers, fruits so gorgeous.
Together with Clematis Warszaw Nike, great contrast of complemantary colours.
And the yellow rambler rose

As always you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Thanks for coming over!


  1. we love rambling roses~we bought one a month or two ago and planted close to the back of our house~the buds are yellow but it flowers a cream color~very beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful flowers! Mine are looking quite sad this year. I think they got drowned in all of the rain that's come down lately.


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