Sunday, 17 October 2010

Running week 41

11,21 km total

Tuesday 3.17 km in 25 minutes,but this is only an estimate as I had to stop for a talk with another dogowner. Had Flavie and Myrtille but Flavie seems just not to enjoy running with me, no matter if off leash or on leash, carrying a toy or not, it always looks (and feels indeed) as if I have to drag her with me. Myrtille slowed down a bit, too.

Thursday 3.17 km in 20.5 minutes, 6:27 minutes per km.
Feeling good, but having really heavy legs afterwards, going upstairs wasn’t fun. With Myrtille only, doing great. Offleash sniffing here or there but coming along nicely. On leash I tried to hang the leash across my body to have my hands free and she did good, no pulling or crossing my path, so I might use the jogging belt I have from back when I ran with the big dogs now and then.

Sunday 4.87 km in 35 minutes. 7:11 minutes per km.
Wasn't always easy but felt great in the end! No dog, sorry, but wanted to concentrate on my own.

Thanks for coming over!


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