Sunday, 6 March 2011

Knitting progress

Hey there, thanks for showing up after this long time of silence from me!

As I have to commute by bus/tram in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon at the moment I have cast on and even finished a few small portable projects. Pictures aren't good yet, nothing's blocked yet - but here you are!
This is a lacy scarf from a pattern called Morning Snack Scarf in a light blue and white viscose-cotton mix called Savanna by schoeller+stahl.

Then there is the beginning of The Paw Scarf in a thin pure cotton yarn

This is a leavy scarf made from thicker cotton yarn. Unblocked but you can see how the leaves show up at the top of the picture.

So these are my latest additions to my small but growing (there are some more single balls in the stash that I got for just 1 or 1.5 Euros) decoratif but not really warming spring and summer scarf collection.

This Bisou's paw cloth. Every doggy needs to have her and his own, don't they! In reality this colourway looks less like mustard as it shows in this picture on my screen but fits perfectly with Bisou's tan marks :-)

And then there are two dish cloths in a gorgeous soft cotton yarn in the colour of hot chocolate, one is called Blackberry pattern, the other one is just a knit two purl two that I made up on my own because I had finished the Blackberries in the morning and needed soemething to knit for the way home. Like them both, they scrub well with there textured surface.

Oh and see, spring is round the corner:

Thanks for coming over!


  1. the paw print wipe..must get that pattern!! My neice lives in Hildeshem Germany, formerly in Gottingen (PHD student at the university)but she hasn't told me the crocus are out!!! Perhaps they are not out yet there??? We are having another snowy, blowy day here...the dogs hate it!!!

  2. Aw, lovely crocuses - ours all got flattened by the rain!

  3. Hello Tina....

    I have enjoyed seeing your knitting. I love the pale blue colour of your Morning Snack Scarf.... such a delicate pattern too. The Bisou’s paw cloth is fun.

    After many years I have started knitting again. I have socks on the go, but I need help with the heel and I have started a jacket in Irish Moss stitch.

    Such pretty crocus. Yes, springs feels as if it has arrived in Wales. drifts of daffodils on the grass verges, forsythia in blossom, primroses and crocus too. I think March is a very ‘yellow’ month.

    Have a good weekend. Marion.


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