Monday, 9 July 2012

July garden

With all the rain we've had recently everything is grwoing nicely.

The veggie patch with the garden house hidden behind the clematis/rose.

View from the back towards the house.
Thanks for coming over!


  1. Wow those lilies look amazing. Great photos. Diane

    1. Thank, Diane. They are so bright and I really love them. They are close to the patio and have the white wall as a background that makes the colour pop out so beautifully.

  2. Dearest Tina,

    You don't realize how blessed you all are with fertile soil and plenty of rain. That means LIFE. Our garden is struggeling each summer as the temperature soars above 35 and even 40 Centigrade. Luckily we had some good thundershowers but it's gone soon as the soil does not hold the water. Your garden is so lush with great roses and lovely lilies. Our roses will come back in September after the heat is gone a bit. Now they're just tiny and wilt very fast.
    Enjoy your canine friends outdoors and have a lovely summer.
    Love to you,

    1. Thanks, Mariette. It was hard work to get the soil there and to take out all the debris that was in it though it was not cheap... And if it is too hot and dry the water pump works each evening to get up the precious water.

  3. Everything looks gorgeous now: Enjoy it!

  4. Thanks, Virginia. I just love our little garden :-)


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