Monday, 25 March 2013

FOA*FOA*FOA *Finished object alert*

I can’t believe I actually finished my Business Casual socks (pattern) in time for the KAL that has been hosted at the Celtic Cast On. Just in time. Where are the times when I had enough knitting time to take part in two sock KALs at once and there was even time to knit on something else. Now I just manage to squeeze in enough time to get a pair of super short socks off the needles in two months…
No, I don’t whine, 'cause I do know where the time has gone. Things change, that’s how it is and I accept it. Am even happy with it!
Back to my Business Casual socks – as the yarn is rather thin I made them short, just two pattern repeats before I started the heel flap. I love how they came out, and I love the soft warm grey colour of this yarn. But to be honest, the yarn split like hell and it was no fun to do all those crossed  stitches. But that’s history, the socks are done, the yarn is used up, the socks will make me happy in the coming weeks as it is still cold in our neck of the woods, around 0°C, a few snow flakes coming down now and then, and a cold cold wind that makes everything worse. And the next fall/winter will come for sure.
Check some of the other socks from the KAL over at Kelly’s blog, there are some great colourways. Some people even knit more than one pair…

You can click on the photos to enlarge them but I promise to take better pics as soon as a few sun rays will hit our backyard while I am at home :-)


  1. congratulations on the very sharp socks! I'm glad you put in another pic, so we can see the pattern better. Lovely work.

  2. I was hoping you'd model them yourself... so much better to see them 'in situ'.

  3. Sounds like you're waiting for the sun just like we are!

  4. oh well done they are lovely! i really should look into crochet socks :)


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