Sunday, 15 December 2013

Half a year

Can't believe that we are already without my beautiful old boy for six months now...


  1. Dear Dingo, I understand the feeling, we lost Ellie 7 months ago and I miss her every day xxx

  2. Dear Dingo, First of all Happy NEW Year and you have to create dreams and to followyour dreams in the NEW Year 2014. In the second hand... I understand your feelings about your old boy dog. The best is, that (your old boy dog and you) were together for a long time in a common street life. That common life gave you best memories and expierce of life. You must be happy because that dog was in your life and made it beautiful with happy colours and smells. Thank you for your time to reading me. I'm Marieta from GREECE and thank you that you take part in my GROUP about Greek Cuzine in Ravelry. Have a good time, Marieta.

    1. Hi Marieta, thanks for taking your time to comment. I love to have new readers here. I know we had a great time together, Dingo and me, that's what makes him so special to me, he was "my" dog, and I don't know what would have happened to him had it not been me who had found him and taken him home,,, He wasn't easy.


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