Sunday, 20 September 2009

A hot september day

Yesterday I had been wanting to go for a real long walk in the early afternoon. I had been working in the garden from after breakfast, then made myself a pan-pizza with fresh picked peppers and tomatoes and herbs of course, eat that on the terrace and then had a cup of espresso and decided to go for a real looong walk as it was quite nice, warm but not hot. I quickly changed and went out the front door. The sun came out and it got really really hot and with the high humidity we had it was nearly too much, even for me.

Did a "normal" round only and came back after an hour, having a cool drink and falling on the tile floor/garden chair (with some knitting of course).
And this is what I will see again tonight - waiting for "Dad" right at the front door... Flavie even allowing Dingo to be so close!

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