Saturday, 3 October 2009

This morning at the pond

I just checked out the different terms for different water bodies, because soemtimes my thoughts wander to questions like "what does the name mean", "what is the difference between x and y". They are called "Weiher" in German, meaning a water body without deep zones like a lake has. Corresponding to pond in English. There is also the Teich in German which has a exit for the water. Mostly used for garden ponds, village pond.
Here are four of these ponds close together, they were made digging up the gravel and sand. In one of them there are still the machines in but I`ve never seen then working. The second is a fishing pond. The third, closest to us, is for mixed uses: fishing, swimming, and the fourth has a swimming pool nearby with access to a beach of the pond, there is a waterball area (I even swa some guy splay waht I would discribe as kayak-polo), and on the other side there is aprotected area where nature should be on its own.
On our way back home I turned back and saw this, if you click on the pictures to enlarge them you can see in the distance the Odenwald hills, eastern end in the northern partof the plain of the Rhein.

And this rose bush full of hips on the other side. I love to watch how the bushes change with the seasons.


  1. What lovely pictures! This past weekend we had drinks with friends 'just back from a canal boat cruise through Germany on the Rhine. Their raving about the cleanliness and how beautiful the plantings of flowers were, along with your photos certainly make Germany seem like a fantastic place indeed!

  2. Thank you! But there are always two sides of the medal... there are dirty and not so nice places, too. But I try to see and show the nice side!


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