Sunday, 24 January 2010

I run again in 2010

Last week or so I thought that I still want to go for my big 42 with 42 goal meaning I will run a marathon next year!
So I adjusted my goals to running the same 5k in March as last year, then a 10k in spring/early summer and then maybe a half marathon in fall – or next spring, so that I might be ready for my marathon later in 2011. I don’t know yet where this will be, I think it would be cool and I would LOVE to run in Paris or London, but Frankfurt would be all right - the local one would be ok, too, but is probably too early in the year for my planning.
This week I ran once, after all the icy snow remnants had gone. Had Flavie with me and stopped/walked a few times for letting her sniff but felt so good overall and I think I could even have run all the time, not fast but constantly. Now we have snow again and I will have to see if I can still manage to run safely. First goal is to run constantly 2-3 times a week.
And I am excited about this again! Go me!

Thanks for passing by!


  1. Good for you!!! We'll be training together-just 1/2 a world away!!

  2. How interesting to read this and your previous post - it really is a mind game isn't it? How inspiring to read of your renewed resolve and the way you are feeling as you start out again toward your goal!


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