Sunday, 24 January 2010

Thoughts on running

I fell completely off the running wagon last summer. Why???
I was so enthusiastic after my first 5k in March. Liked to run after that (but stopped stating my runs on jogmap – don’t know why) and was determined to get ready for that 7.?k city run. I was ready for that one but it was unusually hot and humid the days before that race and on the day we had some bad rain and thunderstorm predicted for the evening. I chose not to run but go for 5k the next day. I was glad I didn’t run the city race as it was so hot and humid, I definitely wouldn’t have got to the finish line. The 5k race the next day was at 9 am, a time of the day I usually don’t run and it was already hot and humid at that time. But I went there. Felt good in the beginning but soon thought my head would explode because it felt so hot. The course was out of the village, through the fields into the forest, u-turn at some point, out of the forest into the fields and back into the village. That u-turn with decreasing speed to nearly walking as it was on gravel then finally “broke my neck” as it was so hard to get back into my pace again. I never felt comfortable again, just tried to get to that finish line without collapsing… Got there. But was so disappointed of being slower than in my first race, though I knew the reasons for that. When I ran I had the feeling that the kms weren’t all the same because I needed so long for one of them though I had run in a speed that felt good – and after the finish line I overheard other, experienced runners talking about just the same, there must have been something wrong with the measuring…
I was still proud that I had finished and could be hard to myself and really make myself run to the end.
Wanted to run some 10k later the year, in fall when the weather would definitely better for me. I don`t mind running in the cold but heat or worse humid heat is just killing me.
BUT I never got that far as then I was so deeply hit with loosing Josy in July. I stopped going for runs even if the weather was fine for running and so time went on and on and on. Till now, and I made a decision.

Thanks for passing by!

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