Friday, 1 April 2011

April garden

Finally there's some change to be seen (and this was after mowing and airifying the lawn): Thanks for coming over!


  1. So pretty! My backyard is a soggy mess right now. Half of it is still covered by slushy snow and the part of the lawn that is showing is muddy. I will be very glad when it dries out and becomes grass.

  2. Glad the snow here is long gone and it finally IS spring. To be honest, for me it already too warm, one day this past week up to 25°C - what the weather people call a "summer day"...

  3. You are so far ahead of us when usually I find our gardens are very similar...we getting warm temperatures and rain to day though that may bring us a long way towards catching up!

  4. Wow, yours is looking lovely!


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