Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sylt sweater

This is the sweater blocking that I have been knitting from a German magazine called Verena. I loved it at first sight.
Big problem: not enough yarn! Started off with 500 grams I had ordered about a year ago for another purpose from a big German yarn catalogue. It is their own brand. When I started this sweater I thought I might be on the short side of yarn but there would be no problem to order what is missing. WRONG.
Yarn is discontinued. I got one leftover skein from a ravely friend that helped me already a lot. Thanks for that! I now am still missing the yarn for one sleeve.

What I am planning is to cut off the lower part of the already existing sleeve, frog it and go ahead with two short sleeves - think elbow length. Not happy about it but that's a way to rescue the sweater, I think. Next winter I think I might retry in another colour as I like the way it is constructed and how it looks therefore.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for coming over!



  1. Oh, how frustrating for you! You've put so much work into it already. Is it possible that you could find more on Ravelry? Did you try the ISO and Destash of Yarn group?

  2. Oh what a shame! I agree about asking on Ravelry, I would contact people who have this yarn in their stash. I had someone write to me a while ago, she ran out of yarn on the last row of her shawl and I happily sent her the yarn she needed!

    If you can't find the yarn though, the short sleeves do seem like the best solution. Or maybe you could go to a few yarn stores and see if they have something similar? You could then stripe the new yarn with the old one on both sleeves.

  3. Susan, Oh yes, very frustrating. But my own fault. And I just don't want to rip the whole thing.
    I did the search on Ravelry. found one person having the yarn and got the one leftover ball. VERY happy about this.
    Alexandra, Getting some different yarn was my Sweethearts first answer (after expressing how he couldn't understand that I started a project knowing the yarn would most probabely not be enough) and I had the idea myself. Still might try that. Either ome similar colour or something completely different for colour blocking on the sleeves. I'll see.


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