Sunday, 1 May 2011

May garden

Spring is fully here. The early bulb plants already gone. First roses opening up! The little hedge rose we planted last year is in full blossom already - out in the fields they start to open, too.
April was way to warm and dry compared to previous years!

Thanks for coming over!



  1. Yours is looking fantastic! Our April was way too warm and dry too - don't think we had ANY rain all month. Plants are behaving as if it's June/July already!

  2. Tina your garden is looking wonderful. I wish i could get my lawn to look so good!!! Love all the flowers you have in bloom and of course the dogs look very happy :D

  3. That's a beautiful garden! My "lawn" had so many yellow spots, it's more yellow than green.

  4. a lovely garden, made complete with dogs :)


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