Monday, 30 May 2011

The view from the terrasse/patio

and the right patio wall:

Thanks for coming over!



  1. Oh, finally, I can leave a comment! up to now your woofs and stitches link has been a dead link. This is great, thank you if you fixed it.

    I love your blog, and those peaceful dogs everywhere, what a treasure of a household you have.

    I imagine dogs are a bit less inclined to take part in knitting than my cats are.

  2. Just lovely! The dogs look like garden statues ;)

  3. Wow, your garden's looking great! Love the sleeping dog pics in the previous post too!

  4. A perfect place to be ... knitting!

  5. Thanks for your nice comments - and yes this is a lovely place for knitting :-)
    And little Bisou IS interested in knitting - nor more found on the coffee table and getting a cup of tea from the kitchen - she ran away with it... And is interested in the thread when I am sitting on the couch knitting - that is HER lap!!! :-)


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