Thursday, 1 September 2011

September garden

The usual view from the back door and the tomato patch
 Thanks for coming over!


  1. It still looks summery in your lovely garden, and the sun is shining here. Maybe we'll have a lovely September!

  2. I love a bit of green grass with the sun on it.It's makes you feel like lying there.
    And tomatos looks yummi! mines has a lot of dry leaves all over the plant,they don't look as green and clean as yours.

  3. Such a summery view! Your garden looks lovely! I'm about to plant some winter vegetables.

  4. Tina your garden looks lovely and still so summery too!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments - even now, a month later, the garden looks still summery thanks to a beautiful september! Just the veggies are going to pulled out and lambs lettuce will be sowed.


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