Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Knitting for Sweetheart

I think I had lost my knitting mojo during the last weeks but it seems it has come back!
Often if Sweetheart has a bad headache he uses my Kiri shawl to keep his neck warm and calls it the Faery Shawl because it works so great. I thought he needed his own one and started one for his birthday but so sorry he got a work in progress instead of a finished object. But so I could ask how long he wanted it :-) and now I am just trying to finish it. I hope he will love it! It is made in some of my favourite leftover sock yarns! It was some redheart that was available at Walmart over here.

I am using an easy pattern, start with about four stitches in garter stitch, increase one stitch on one side every fourth row until you have used half of your yarn then decrease.

Thanks for coming over!Tina

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  1. Poor chap. A chiropractor cured my headaches by sorting my neck out.
    It's lovely to have a soft woolly to sooth aches and pains.


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