Monday, 9 January 2012

Sunday walk

Here are a few pictures that I just took on our walk that took us close to the ponds. It had rained before as it often does right now at temps between 5 and 10 °C. Wind makes it feel colder a bit. We were lucky enough that the sun came out but on the last meters before getting home it started raining again.

 The boy staying close to me while the girls running ahead to explore the world when let off leash and hearing the bloved "go".
 It is amazing how green the field looks already with the winter wheat sown late in fall.
 The lanes are very muddy and the soil is soaked.
 Now all I see looking around me is this:

Thanks for coming over! Tina


  1. Tina, I love your dogs:-) what great characters.

  2. Thanks for your comment on Dogie! Your Dingo boy is a handsome fellow! Aren't we so fortunate to have these friends?


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