Thursday, 17 May 2012

May garden

View from the back door
The white hedge rose
The perennials bed
Burgundy, brownish Irises, and the peonie in the foreground
strawberries and currents (black, red and white)
the veggie bed with mangetouts, garlic, echalottes, salad, radish, arugula, and the clematis climing up the shed, left to it goji berry and blueberry, under them wild garlic
the cold frame with salad, radish, arugula
the view from rambling rose at the shed to the house, happy doggies eating bones included
chives and rosemary

Things have changed a bit since these pictures were taken, the lawn has been worked on, aired, fertilized, resown, and we have exchanged a few perennials as we had some accidents in cold/dry weather.
Now that the Ice Saints are over I will set up my little green house-shelf during the weekend and bring down all the baby plants from the craft room

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Tina,that piece of garden it's such of well profiteer and well look after.Congratulations!!
    Doggies seems to have a great time there..

  2. I love that burgundy coloured Iris; it would go well amongst some of mine.

    How do your Goji berries grow? Do you eat them? Do they taste nice?

  3. goodness, all those lovely vegs and salad crops! They look very well grown.

  4. Thanks, Virginia, I never knew before we moved here that I would enjoy gardening that much :-)
    Cro Magnon, yes this colour would go perfectly with your burgundy and yellow ones, I am sure, or next to the white ones... This is only the second year of the Gojiberry bush, no fruit so far but it grows nicely indeed. I'll keep you updated.
    Kath, thanks, yes they do quite well and we started eating the salads, the radish and the arugula. The radish are again a lot hotter than the store-bought :-)

  5. Such a nice garden. I bet the dogs love the soft grass.

  6. Dearest Tina,

    What a beautiful photos you show us again with such fertile soil. No wonder that the veggie bed and the cold frame look so lush!
    Enjoy a great weekend and thanks for visiting me.

  7. Yours is looking beautiful!


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