Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Old Boy

Can't really believe that it is his 16th birthday today.
These pictures were taken a week ago, when he had fun at the pond, therefore he looks so wet:
Have a great day!


  1. There's something really nice about older dogs. They have a sense of 'wisdom' that younger dogs don't possess. I also rather like the way their faces change, and they turn grey.

    Happy birthday doggie.

  2. Have a great birthday! we think you look very handsome,
    love from E and R xx

  3. Happy Birthday Tina!!!!! You're a lucky dog!!

  4. Happy Birthday! There's nothing like a good swim in the pond to celebrate!

  5. What a wise old man, he looks gorgeous :) Give him a Happy Birthday hug and kiss from me x

  6. Wow, Happy Birthday Dingo! 16 is awesome!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Old Boy! I can't believe he's 16 years old. I can only wish that mine will get as old as he is.

  8. Dearest Tina,

    You are so lucky for having a canine at the age of 16! I'm hoping that one day we will celebrate such high number for one of our pets. Mauzie my miniature Dachshun lived to be 12-and-a-half years old.
    Love to you,


  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments! I would have never thought Dingo would get this old as he was always "living on the fast line" and I feared he might "live fast, die young" but he chose to do different and stay here with us for quite some time :-)


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