Monday, 28 January 2013

Business Casual Socks Knitalong

After a really long time not having taken part in a kal I felt the urge to join in when I saw on Kelly’s blog that she is hosting a sock knitalong. There were different patterns to choose from and the majority of future participants voted for the Business Casual socks and so it is this pattern we are going to knit.

Start is on Feb 4th. Which is great as I have another week to finish my socks in progress aaaaand it looks as I am going to have some time to knit right on the fourth as I am going to pick up a foster dog at the airport, so there should be some waiting time… And I will be off work next week and even if I will do a lot with the dogs, there definitely will be some knitting time!!!

I have already chosen some yarn from my stash, it will be a soft, warm grey, without any ballband on it... But in a week I might also change my decision ;-) I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for visiting! Tina

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