Friday, 10 January 2014

Mystery mittens KAL

I am having such a lot of fun with this KAL, I'm so glad I decided to take part!
The second clue is done, too. It is the first part of the first mitten (other one will be different and I love the idea), and while knitting it and discussing the motiv in the group I learned that the mittens are based on the popular children's book "The secret garden" by Frances Hodgson. I hadn't known it before, so I got it to read as an e-book as well as an audiobook so I can listen to it while knitting on the mittens. 
Even more fun! It is very interesting to see all the different mittens in the discussion thread, all those different colour combinations, and the group is very supportive and motivating.

Link to the discussion thread in the I make mittens group.

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