Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Peio's first birthday

Today is my small boy's first birthday. The date was estimated by the rescue organisation where he and his siblings had been brought to in march last year after they were found in a box on a meadow.

It is amazing how special he is, how much I learn from him to make him deal with his fears, and how he has developped, both physically and mentally.

Scanning the horizon

Hola Mama, estoy aqui!!! (Hi Mom, here I am)

Sniffing important things amidst his sisters.

Thanks for coming over.


  1. Happy birthday Peio. We always celebrate their birthdays too. They must have a wonderful time together!

    1. Thanks Cro! We actually don't "celebrate" the birthdays as we are not sure about the dates. Just mentioning it on those days...
      They mostly do have a great time together, the ladies teaching the little guy and vice versa ;-)


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