Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Finally the wind has stopped

And it even didn’t rain or snow this afternoon so after a dog-walk with all of the dogs and doing some chores at home I took Flavie on a run. The round I did last time and I felt good. Needed about the same time. Flavie even managed to make it fun with little chasing games while she was in her gotta ruuuuuun mood. So I could put in some little sprints. She is so smart, running where she wants, sniffing here and there, when she is allowed but staying close when told to do so and even not pulling when on leash. We managed to pass a pheasant and too geese that weren’t too far away off leash, she didn’t take notice of two hares sitting and moving far in the field and ran very nicely on leash passing some rabbits. Very cool little girl. And except for a short time after those chasing games she breathed with her mouth closed. Was anyone afraid this running would be too much for her? Sweetheart asked if she has to gallop? No way, she is in a very comfortable trot.

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  1. Hi Tina! thanks for visiting my blog.. I am slowly getting back to normal after a hectic week or two and trying to catch up with blog friends... sounds like many of us are similar in that we worry and forget to live in the moment! Sounds like you are having lots of exercise :)


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