Thursday, 13 March 2008


The new Knitty is out with more patterns I would love to knit! Like Laminaria shawl (passing slowly with that “under-water-view boat” through those Kelp forests in the Mer d’Iroise –between the Britanny coast and the islands Molene and Ouessant, just where the border between the Atlantic and the Channel is - was SO fascinating) or the two sweaters called Yosemite and Jaden or the Salto socks (with some of my new yarn?).
I think I could knit Laminaria with sock yarn as I did my Kiri, and thinking about that made me remember that in our local supermarket they have reduced the prices for some of their sock yarn this week. Checked for some nice greens that remind me of the Laminaria, but nothing at all. Drove to my new LYS today – have wanted to do this all the time since I found out about it, now I had a reason. Nothing. Great yarns, sure. But no kelpish sock yarn, no lace weight either. When I asked the owner she showed me some fine cotton crochet yarn… I left with three balls of nice sock yarn (one of which was immediately picked by Sweetheart). Then there is another LYS right in the city where I was once, looking a bit dark and chaotic but owned by a very friendly old lady – want to check tomorrow or Saturday. And I know I won’t come out of the shop with empty hands...

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  1. No-one is supposed to come out of a lovely wool shop with empty hands Tina! I never do!

    by the way, I just have to say )going completely off topic here!) how fantastic your English is!! I am genuinely impressed!

    Leanne x


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