Thursday, 13 March 2008

New goals

I plan on running a real official run in our city on June 21. They have 7.2 k or 9.6 k. Will move on in training and then see where to start. Looking for a 5 k before.
And I have set a long-time goal: 42 with 42. Meaning running a marathon (42.195 kms) when I am 42. This will be in 3 years. Will see how my body will work with me once I run longer distances, but I really have it as a goal not just a dream.
I feel different since I made this goal! Lighter somehow, hard to describe!

And I found out about programs online like mapmyrun or jogmap. They work with the google earth maps and you can set up your runs there. Fill in the times for every run etc. Lots of things to find out yet… Like having a counter on the blog with your run kms. I will check out how to do it. Need this! But only 5 so far – due to the wind in which I don’t want to run. Enough that I have to pull the dogs walk with the dogs through it at least 3 times a day.

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